Our Mission

We are a collective of Seattle theater professionals who dare each other to create through mutual cooperation and support. We work, play, and experiment with purpose. We form a center from which we expand and return, recruit and rally, and exceed our individual potentials. CONTACT US

What is the Sandbox Artists Collective?

The Sandbox Artists Collective is a membership based collective of working theatre professionals in Seattle, Washington. It began in early 2007 as an idea born around a table at Freehold by Robin Lynn Smith, Liza Comtois, Gin Hammond, Elizabeth Heffron, Amy Thone and Annette Toutonghi. This group was looking for a way to revitalize Seattle's theatre community through Freehold's Theatre Lab, which had been quiet since Freehold's abrupt move from Capitol Hill to Belltown. They quickly realized a need to "increase" the size of the table. In an effort to continue to push for a renaissance of new, courageous and experimental work in our artistic community, they reached out to ever 50 of Seattle's mid-career professional artists and invited them to an open house to talk and dream about creating a place where theatre artists could...

  • experiment and work out together
  • generate new material
  • expand and deepen their skills
  • cross-pollinate ideas with writers, actors, directors, designers and musicians

The open house was held July 28th, 2007. Over the next two years the larger group developed what is now The Sandbox Artists Collective.

We strive to support each other in the development of new work, experimentation with form, and enhancement of the skills of our craft.

Membership in the collective is by invitation.